Item 10429   AGRITREND- Dairy Dat

Item 10429 AGRITREND- Dairy Dat

  • $299.00

Dairy Management Software for Windows

Dairy software has historically been over-priced and impossible to use. DairyDAT was specifically designed with commercial farmers in mind. Easy-to-use and easy on the bank account, DairyDAT works for you, giving you today's reproductive status every time you start up. Inventory, breeding and calving records, family tree, production and health records are all available at the click of a mouse. Key in meter results or import tests from DHI(Ontario and AgSource Wisconsin) and DairyDAT does the rest. Automatically creates individual production graphs and herd indicators, DairyDAT makes those numbers make sense. Reports are well structured and clear, making herd health and the decision making process easier than ever.


Herd Inventory
Reproductive Records
Milk Production
Lactation Graphs
DHIC Import
Health Records
Event Scheduler
Herd Graphs
Herd Health Options
Drug Book
Family Tree
Semen Inventory
Sire Records
Color Photos
Reports: (too many to list

Herd Health