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Wood & Steel Structural Design Software

BeamChek is the structural design software of choice among professional
home designers, architects, engineers, design/build contractors,
building officials, lumber suppliers, and home inspectors.


Multiple, Complex Loads

Calculate either simple span beams or beams overhanging a support at one end. Up
to a dozen live and total loads may be entered for a single beam including six
point loads, five partial uniform loads, and a uniform load. You may also size
hips and valleys with a uniform increasing load plus a normal uniform load.

Sizes, Grades and Species

Solid-sawn members range from 2 x 4 to 14 x 16, and include multiple, built-up 2x
members (up to four). Grades No.1 & No.2 are offered in twelve species groupings
(57 species in all) using National Design Specification® Values. Custom grades
and species may be evaluated for most species with user entered values.
Glu-laminated members are available in two species groupings, Douglas Fir and
Southern Pine, with four grades for each (two grades are for overhanging beams).
Sizes range from 3-1/8 x 9 to 10-3/4 x 31-1/2, which meets almost every use
encountered in typical residential construction. Custom glu-lam grades, glu-lam
'header' sizes, and LVL beams in common stock sizes from several manufacturers
may also be analyzed with user entered values. Values may be saved to disk for
repeated use.

Steel Beams

BeamChek will size A36 wide flange steel up to W 18 x 130, standard flange up to
S 24 x 121, channels up to C 15 x 50 and A46 rectangular tube shapes to T 20 x 8
x 5/16. Analysis includes web yielding and crippling with minimum bearing area in
lieu of web stiffeners.

Solid and Built-Up Columns

Built-up and solid wood columns to 10 x 10, plus steel columns in round and
square shapes complement our wide selection of tools for the residential

The Selection Form

BeamChek quickly calculates hundreds of beam possibilities filtering out all but
the most appropriate sizes and presents them in an easy to compare table that
includes two grades in two species groups and glu-lams too.

The Beam Report

The easy to read, organized report lets you readily determine if a beam is
adequate without scrutinizing the numbers. The percentages compare critical to
actual attributes of your selected member. You may modify the selected beam's
width or depth with a mouse click and have it recalculated instantly without
leaving the form! The dead load deflection can be reviewed for its impact on the
beam's appearance in the project.

The Data Record

Before you print, view the beam data record for complete specifics of loads,
conditions and beam characteristics which may include:

* Reactions, live load reactions, and possible uplift.
* Maximum moment, shear, and reduced shear.
* Total beam weight and beam weight per foot.
* Total load, live load, and dead load deflections.
* Suggested camber for simple span glu-lams.
* Minimum required bearing area for both reactions.
* Base values, adjustment factors, and the adjusted Fb, Fv, E, Fc values.

Printing and Storage Options

Print a complete beam data record including a loading diagram to any Windows
supported printer. Include a two line page heading, beam description, your
initials and date, if you wish. Save your beam criteria input (loads, etc.) to a
disk file of your choosing for future retrieval. Save the beam data record (data
from a beam calculation) to a disk file for future printing.

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