• $200.00

Finally an alternative to carrying a full-size laptop to do GPS mapping and field scouting. Farm Site Mate takes the hassle out of field scouting and mapping and lets you spend more time in the field and less time in the office.

Gives you an easy-to-use GPS mapping and scouting program
Works with any GPS receiver that outputs the NEMA 0183 data string
Lets you generate field boundary maps by simply driving around the field
Maps paths traveled which can represent tile-lines and spray-coverage maps
Maps individual points which can be used to record the exact location of soil samples and other important points
Maps area such as wet holes, weed and insect infestations, and other features of interest
Displays sizes of mapped fields and area as well as distances traveled
Lets you quickly and easily zoom in on any part of a displayed map so that you can go
from a map of an entire field down to a small section
Provides a "Data Display" area that provides information including your speed, altitude,
and other information available from your GPS receiver
Provides tools for navigation to mapped locations including the ability to use maps
generated from desktop programs such as Farm Site
Saves collected data in the internal memory of your Palm PC or into a separate PC Card