• $300.00

No Debits or Credits required! You don't need to be an accountant to use this accounting package. This program is run in WindowsTM and uses farm terminology instead of accounting lingo.

Integrates with the Farm Trac field mapping system to keep accounting records at the same time as keeping field histories, herd notations, and chemical records.

Inventories are kept up-to-date, based on your purchases and uses of them. Thus, you are able to print a listing at any time and know the exact amount of inventory you have on-hand.

Profitability of each field or herd of animals is calcu-lated. Keeps track of all the expenses that go into each field or herd so that you know exactly which ones are making money, and why.

Detailed records of costs associated with each piece of equipment are kept so that you know the amount of money you are saving by owning an implement.

Easy-to-read reports are provided with valuable detailed information on each field, herd, or piece of equipment, as well as the financial statements that your lender may want to see on a regular basis. Farm Funds also provides you with easy-to-follow tax reports that make tax return preparation simple.

Pre-defined accounts and financial statement formats are available that can easily be modified to customize your Chart of Accounts and Financial Statements.

Check writing can be done automatically and printed on computer checks, if desired. Farm Funds also offers an easy-to-use check book reconciliation program.

Easy-to-follow on-line help screens are available that can be accessed anytime you have a question.

No monthly closings are required and year-end close is simple and easy-to-do. Reports can be run at any time for any prior periods.

Ability to create detailed Market Value Balance Sheets.

Keep track of all of your personal/family living costs.

Full payroll system that calculates federal and state withholdings.

Budget area allows preparation of budgeted cash flows with easy to read reports.

Equipment Specifications

IBM PC or 100% Compatible with a
386 or Higher Microprocessor, VGA
or Higher Graphics, 10 MB Free Disk Space, Microsoft WindowsTM 3.1 or
Higher, 4 MB RAM (8 Recommended).

Color Preferred.

Standard Two-Button.

Any WindowsTM Compatible Dot
Matrix or Laser Printer. Color
Printer Optional.

(Windows is a Trademark of Microsoff® Corporation)