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The Herd Management Package Every Farmer Needs

Using Farm Stock is as easy as filling in a notebook. Switching between features (such as Mating, Birth, Feed, etc ...) is as easy as flipping between tabs in your notebook.

Maintain complete and detailed records on livestock by individual animals or groups of animals.

Track animals by group and location. Enter physical inventories of animals (including weights) and Farm Stock will warn you if you enter a quantity that is different from the quantity the program knows.

Complete genealogy area allows you to easily maintain records of blood lines for breeding purposes.

Print family tree of any animal by selecting the desired animal, then displaying it's parents and/or children, continuing as far up or down the tree as desired.

Keep detailed histories on groups or individual animals.

Calendar area automatically schedules future events such as vaccinations, testing and breeding dams.

By-product area allows you to keep detailed records on milkings, wool, eggs, etc. . . This area includes the ability to enter weights, grades and other information as often as desired. By-product information is then kept on an animal by animal basis.

Set up User Defined Fields to keep track of additional information that is of specific importance to you for events such as Mating, Births, Deaths, Feeding, etc. . . These fields can even have codes set up that have important meanings to you.

Full set of reports that include valuable information such as weaning weights and feed conversions. These reports can be printed for any selected group of animals and can be printed for all animals related to a specific animal or for animals of a desired weight, age, sex, breed, etc. . .

Farm Stock also allows you to design your own reports, so you can select to print any information that you have entered. This option allows you to determine the order by which the animals will be sorted and allows you to choose the information to be printed.