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10 Reasons Why LiteningQuick Estimating "Knocks The Socks Off" QuickBooks Pro "Estimating"

1. LiteningQuick Estimating Uses Classes

LiteningQuick Estimating uses classes for estimating. This means that you can do your estimates in the same sequence that you do it now. It leads you step-by-step through the estimating process. It makes it easier to estimate and harder to forget a vital piece of the estimate.

2. You Add Lines To Your Estimate By Class

You can add lines to your estimate in a class. So if you want to add something to 'Foundations' it prints in the 'Foundation' class not down at the bottom of the estimate as in QuickBooks Pro.

3. You Get Logical Subtotals By Class

Classes give you logical subtotals for your estimate. So, if you are building, let's say, a 500 square foot room addition you can see when your cost for 'Foundations' is not in line with what it should be. This means you can use your experience to help you spot errors faster and easier.

4. You Can Change Prices In An Instant

When prices for materials, labor or equipment change, and as you know the do regularly, you can change you prices quickly and easily. Let's say that your labor cost for carpenters has gone from $10 per hour to $11 per hour. In LiteningQuick one change and clicking one button updates all of your costs that use carpenter labor. You can do the same thing for equipment and materials. In QuickBooks Pro you have to go through each cost item and change it. What if you have 1 or 2 thousand items? Lots of work!

5. See The Whole Cost To Do Something

Each cost item in LiteningQuick Estimating holds the cost of materials, labor, equipment,
subcontract and miscellaneous costs. You can see at a glance what a particular item is going to cost complete - ready to use. You don't need to have one item for the materials, one for the labor and so on.

6. You Can Change Prices "On-The-fly" AND Keep The Change

When you are estimating, you can change the prices on the fly AND, you can update the
database, at your option, so that the next time you the item, it will have the new price. Quick Books Pro will allow you to change the price of an item in an estimate, but will NOT allow you to change the item cost at the same time.

7. Smaller Lists To Browse Through When You Are Estimating

Another advantage you get by using classes is that as your database grows, you don't have to go through hundreds or thousands of items to find the specific cost item you want. In LiteningQuick, you only see as many items as there are in the specific class you are using at the time. Also, because each cost item has the materials, labor, equipment, subcontract and miscellaneous cost, you have many fewer items to look through. You can do the same estimating with 1/2 to 1/3 the number of items you would have in QuickBooks Pro!

8. Adjust Your Profit Easily

You can adjust your profit margin on a bid-by-bid basis in LiteningQuick. And, your client doesn't know what your profit margin is, because it's none of their business. In QuickBooks Pro you have to set up a profit margin by item or for the overall job, which is visible to your client.

9. Fine Tune Your Profit, Overhead & Labor Burden

As you fine-tune your system, you can adjust your LiteningQuick Overhead & Profit and Labor Burden percentages and the changes will take effect on your next estimate. You can even go back to prior estimates and change them so you can see what the effect is on your estimate. You don't have to go through hundreds or thousands of lines of cost items to make changes. And, if it's not right go back through again to change them.

10. Take Note Of This

With LiteningQuick, you can keep notes about the job and the phases of the job. This is important because there are times you can't remember why you estimated something the way you did. In LitningQuick you can keep your notes about a job so you know why you did what you did.