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Program Highlights

Simple, easy to use--designed to work just like QuickBooks

Works with any Account/Category and Class setup. ManagePLUS conforms to your records, not the other way around.

Integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. ManagePLUS grabs a "snapshot" of your transaction records at the click of a button--no manual steps are required.

Adds management accounting features to QuickBooks: lets you record quantities in your transactions and get reports that provide quantity, sales, and cost information by Account/Category & Class.

Extracts quantity information from the Memo field of any income/expense transaction.
(In QuickBooks you can enter quantities in the Memo field, or by using "Items", or both.)

Allows two quantities per transaction. Record livestock weights and numbers bought or sold...Manage PLUS gives you average price received per pound, per head, & average weight.

Lets you effortlessly track weighted averages: grain moisture, protein, or oil content, Relative Feed Value, or any other grade or quality factor. (in some ManagePLUS versions)

Lets you associate units of production with Classes, such as "300 acres" with the Corn Class or "100 head" with Beef Cows, for expense breakdowns per-acre, per-head, per-hour, etc.

Tree-structured Class list. Gives you true Class/sub Class reporting for Quicken, with report breakdowns by crop, farm, field, crop year, etc. (QuickBooks already has a tree-structured
Class list, which ManagePLUS supports.)

Flexible Class reporting makes it easy to get reports for different farms or fields, even when they are sub Classes of several different parent Classes. ~I'

Customizable reports let you include just the sections you want, plus change report colors, titles, etc. You may also print reports in color.

Full print preview lets you browse reports on screen before printing.

Keep as little or as much detail as you want. Want to know combine repair costs? Then just tag combine repair expenses with the Combine Class---ManagePLUS reports will show combine repair costs per acre or per hour.

Comprehensive User's Is Guide and Help sys-tem include a step-by-step tutorial, example data files, and information about how best to set up Quicken or QuickBooks for farm records.

Dual quantities feature lets you track livestock weights and numbers in sale and purchase trans-actions. Reports give you totals broken down by Class (enterprise) for each Account or Category, plus average
prices, weights, and more.

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