• $350.00

PC MARS EXTRA is a windows version of the popular PC Mars accounting program for the IBM compatible PC computers.


The program is easy to operate.
Select from 5 different charts of accounts.
You select your individual account codes from 700 built in account codes, all may be changed.
Reports can be printed at any time.
It will print your checks on preprinted check forms and also the stubs.
You can divide your farm into separate enterprises and keep separate accounts on each -- up to 38 enterprises.
Listing for 304 commonly used vendors.
Listing for 76 commonly used descriptions.
Handles up to 76 employees, with deductions.
Will keep track of 76 different loans payable.
You can track 20 cash and banking asset accounts.
It has a built-in budget feature.
Data entry facilitated by appropriate codes being displayed on the screen when needed.
It will handle up to 21 different line items per check or deposit.
Additional account codes, enterprises, and
descriptions may be added while entering data.

Many different report menu options may be printed. They include:

1) Unsorted Entry Lisiting
2) Year to Date Cash Summery Report
3) Monthly Detail Report
4) Accrued Income Statement
5) Detail Reports with Selected Items.
6) Full Year General Ledger.
7) Check Register/Balancer
8) Enterprise Reports (Summary or Detailed)
9) Year to Date/Cash Flow Format (Monthly or Quarterly)
10) Balance Sheets (3 formats)
11) Trial Balance
12) Resale reports
13) Five Labor Reports
14) Loan Activity Reports
15) Cash, Bank Account and Loan Summary Reports
16) Audit Trail Report