Item 10436   STOCKEEPER 2000 (Hobby Farm 25 animal)

Item 10436 STOCKEEPER 2000 (Hobby Farm 25 animal)

  • $195.00

Herd-Pro Software develops and supports StocKeeper 2000.
StocKeeper 2000 is a Windows based livestock management software package that takes pride in being not only powerful, but also easy to use. It was written by a veterinarian
specifically for the dairy farmer and their own veterinarians. It has evolved and has been improved based on valuable input from the very farmers that are using this software.

StocKeeper was developed initially for dairy cattle. It has since evolved to accommodate a variety of species of livestock. It is suitable for both dairy and beef cattle and goats, as well as other species such as pork, equine, llamas, sheep, etc. Each species "edition" includes the appropriate terminology (ie "Kid" instead of "Calf") and fully accommodates the specific species stats such as gestation periods, etc.

This new release, officially called StocKeeper 2000, Service Release 1, contains the following new features:

You can now choose default items for all list menus.
You can now switch between Spanish and English without restarting the program
(utilizing a tool-bar icon).
Enhanced custom reports now allow you to choose fonts and colors, adjust the width of
columns, rename column titles, and specify column summary lines (total, running count,
You can view and sort the herd list by any of the eight animal identifiers (computer ID,
barn name, etc.).
Enhanced back-up and restore functionality.
Improved HELP files.
You can now import your herd data from Dairy Comp 305.
The ability to calculate average daily milk by days-in-milk alone or including dry time.
The ability to report Mature equivalent values / projected calving interval and 305
projected values/projected calving interval.
The ability to use any medical, breeding, calving or treatment condition as criteria in
custom reports.
The ability to use "AND" or "OR" when combining criteria in custom reports.
You can now customize the Tool Bar to include your favorite tool shortcuts and icons.
You can now purchase additional, Read Only copies of StocKeeper to allow for the
reading of data on any number of computers throughout your operation.
You can now export registration files for the American Holstein and Jersey associations.